Benefits Buy Now:

  • Buy Now does all switches with Google as “Associations”. Due to this:
    • The current account structure at Google is still guaranteed
    • There is no impact on the history and quality score
  • Google can continue to access the Merchant Center Account(s) and Adword(s) account after being associated with Buy Now and provide you with the necessary support
  • Buy Now is opt-in “CSS Partner for Shopping ads beyond general search”. This keeps all shopping ads visible on the Google shopping tab, youtube and image search
  • Campaign data remains the property of the customer and Buy Now will not use this data for (re) marketing purpose
  • No charges for listing on our price comparison website, Placement and clicks via are free
  • Express a free extra call to action in your advertisement. Here is the underlying idea that the text “Buy Now” is shown under the ad and that this text triggers a purchase intent
  • Full support in setting up the necessary accounts with excellent customer service
  • Invoicing of the Google Shopping spend is directly with Google
  • Clear and fast on-boarding process with Google every day

Buy Now Google CSS shopping partner

Contact us if you want more information about how Buy Now can accelerate your Google Shopping results.